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About us

Boxwoodcuttings.net supplies custom processed Boxwood or Buxus Sempervirens cuttings of high quality throughout Europe. These cuttings come from a tree nursery in Kenya, which was founded in 2004.


During the years 2004 until 2006, feasibility studies and various researches were carried out and based on the positive results, a large amount of cuttings was exported to a quarantine tree nursery in Kenya. The current mother plants are propagated from these cuttings. Currently the company has about 150,000 mother plants.


These mother plants produce about 15,000,000 cuttings a year. These cuttings are sold in Europe.


Under the daily guidance of the manager in Kenya, 2 employees of Boxwoodcuttings.net take care of the plants. In addition, a group of 25 flexible workers who depend on the orders placed can be deployed.