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Construction and maintenance

The maintenance of your garden can sometimes cost a lot of time and money. Those who want to show their garden to neighbors, friends and family will have to maintain their lawn weekly. Before you start gardening, it is important to gain some knowledge about the maintenance of your garden.

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The Netherlands is known for its love for barbecue. Nowadays there are also electrics with which you can eat within 10 minutes. Already have a barbecue you want more? Then go for an outdoor kitchen. Complete with faucet / hob. Looking for a new barbecue but no sense how to compare each brand and type? No problem. Our link partners want to help you with this.

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You can use decorative paving for your garden, terrace and driveway. The purpose of paving is to harden a surface. Do you want to create a certain atmosphere? Then go for a rural and rustic atmosphere in the garden. Then you can best choose the tumbled paving in the garden.

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Log cabins

Almost everyone has a shortage of space shortage. Where do you leave the bicycles or the toys of your children? What could be better than a log cabin or garden house in your garden, where you can store your belongings? It is also a nice addition to your garden. Nowadays it is easy to get a log cabin.

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Trees and plants

Plants are there to cheer people up or to let a garden shine. Working in the garden is often seen as a relaxation tool. In addition to your lawn or next to the pond, all kinds of beautiful flowers fit. Interested in a wide range of flowers and plants?

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Buying a mailbox? There are hundreds of different types, sizes and colors. Do you want to put one on your driveway or have one in your door? These are all choices that have to be made when buying a mailbox.

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Everyone has it at home, tools. Those who want a nice garden should be able to get dirty hands. Tools go with the technology. Everything is becoming more efficient, but how do you find out whether you have the latest and the best upgrades?

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Grass & Artificial grass

If you have little free time, you want to be able to enjoy it as much as possible. A garden or roof terrace is the best place for this. A place to relax and enjoy. Natural grass is a pleasant solution for children playing but also has disadvantages. Regular maintenance such as mowing, fertilising, fighting weeds, too much or too little water. With our tips and information from our partners, you can enjoy a clean, low-maintenance and always green turf.

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Saunas & swimming pools

A swimming pool in the backyard, in the attic or just in the bathroom? Which can! A sauna or swimming pool add a lot of value to the house. Besides that you have a new place to relax. Above ground or hidden in the ground, everything is possible. Are you interested in a sauna or a swimming pool?

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By grounding, painting or staining your fence, you extend the lifespan of your fence considerably. If rain comes on unworked wood, it can rot quickly, with the result that you have to replace (parts of) your fence within the foreseeable future. For practical tips or professional help, we recommend looking at our partners.


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Terrace coverings

If you decide to build a terrace covering yourself, it is good to look up a building plan or example in advance. There are several websites where you can download construction drawings for free.

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Terrace cleaning

The people who have a garden know that sometimes it can be a lot of work. Plants will die, tiles will become green, wood will mold and the garden will sink. It is strongly recommended to thoroughly renovate your garden once every few years. Consider, for example, the planting of new shrubs and trees in the garden, the pruning of existing trees and shrubs, and so on.

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Garden images

Your garden is a place to relax and enjoy being outdoors. A garden image creates a good atmosphere and gives a personal touch to your garden. Whether you choose an inspiring Buddha statue or a funny garden gnome, your garden will come to life with a sculpture. Garden sculptures are perfect for showing your own style. With an animal statue or wind chimes you make your garden a place where you can relax.

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Garden centers

Are you looking for reliable garden centers? Then you've come to the right place! On this website you will find all information about various garden centers. At these garden centers you can find everything in the area of ​​house, garden and, such as a large assortment of garden furniture, garden plants, house plants or cozy atmospheric articles.

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Garden wood

Wood needed for a project? Or do you need wood for a bird house? With our link partners you can customize wood. From birch wood to scaffolding boards, everything can be found in the wood specialty stores.

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Garden houses

Do you also doubt a garden shed? You will be amazed at how the garden sheds can look nowadays. Sitting area next to a sleeping area, luxurious outdoor kitchen. This is all possible in your own garden. Some call them 'mini-villas'. Interested?

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Garden furniture

You have decided to purchase a garden set. Maybe because it was due for replacement or you're trying something new. You come across all sorts of different types, colors and sizes, but what is the best choice? Pay attention to the sizes in your garden. Wrong sizes or even colors can swear very quickly. More information about furniture?

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Garden lighting

With the right garden lighting you can give the garden an extra look. In addition, outdoor lighting is also very handy in the dark and this also increases the safety around your home. Would you like to know more about garden lighting or would you like to take a look at one of our partners?

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Looked out on your garden? Do you think something is missing that makes the garden special, cozy or cozy? Many people opt for a veranda in the garden. To fully enjoy in your garden. Here you can place a garden set or make room for the barbecue.

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A pond in your garden can add a nice, positive atmosphere. But then cleaning your pond is something you have to do. Algae come back faster when they grow more. The health of the fish is deteriorating and the water becomes cloudy. More information about ponds?

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Fire pits

A burning fire plus people around it is the perfect recipe for a long and especially enjoyable evening in the garden. Staring in the flames, and a warm glow on your face. Anyway, a fire pit is quite indispensable in the garden.

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Sun protection

The summers in the Netherlands can change within a day. In office spaces there is trouble and at home the sun shines in your eyes. Good sun protection offers shade and cooling, darkening, safety and saves costs. Interested in a sunblind?

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Other partners

Do you need more help or do you have some questions outside our categories? Our other link partners are ready to give you a hand. Need information about sanding or, for example, plant soil?


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